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My mentor John Maxwell is fond of saying,

With One Minor Exception, The World is Made Up of Other People…”

How well are you faring in this sea of humanity?

…now  SEVEN BILLION!! strong… and growing!


Unless you live under a rock, or under vow of silence on a Tibetan mountain top, you – as all of us – have a responsibility to interact effectively with many different types of people on a daily basis.  Most likely, you use the directives we’ve all been taught since pre-school days.  To…

  • …Play Fair
  • …Share Everything
  • …Don’t Hit People
  • …Put Things Back Where You Found Them
  • …Say You’re Sorry When You Hurt Somebody
  • …Clean Up After Your Own Mess
  • …and When You Go Out Into The World, Watch Out For Traffic, Hold Hands, And Stick Together **
** (Courtesy of Robert Fulghum – All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten)


Yet life in the adult world seemingly requires much more…

Additional factors have somehow crept in of which we must be aware when dealing with others. Like…

  • …Perception Is Reality
  • …He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules
  • …Dog-Eat-Dog
  • …Look Out For Number One
  • …Do Unto Others Before They Can Do Unto You


How can we maintain our integrity and value system when living in a world such as this?

What are the rules for playing the game of life so that everybody wins?

There are things not taught in kindergarten (nor even in graduate school) which we need to know and…


People Skills 101… is the Answer!


My name is Roger Koment and I’m a Professor, Author, Mentor, and Business Owner.  For more than 25 years I’ve helped physicians, scientists, and many other professionals reach their goals in life.  And now, through the vehicle of this course, I have the means to help you as well!

It doesn’t matter how much you know, what degrees you’ve earned, or what skills you possess.  If you can’t interact effectively with different types of people in different types of situations, you’ll never succeed in life.  The People Skills 101 course was designed specifically to help you with this in mind.


“Roger is a great mentor and puts both his expertise and his passion of helping others grow into each and every session.”

Victoria Rader
Springfield, VA

“As always, Roger explains complex human interactions from a fundamental, easy-to-understand approach.  The profound wisdom he displays in teaching enables people to learn introspective techniques through a common vehicle.  The benefit to his students is that they can learn complex skills, at an easy pace, through a pragmatic approach.  Thank you Roger!”

Jerry McGrade
Alexandria, VA


People Skills 101  is a webinar-based course offered periodically to the public

It’s comprised of ten weekly 90-minute eClasses


List of the Eight eClasses You’ll be Receiving
  • Communication is Key
  • The Power of Words
  • Creating a First Impression
  • Becoming a Charismatic Person
  • The Arithmetic of People Skills
  • Characteristics of a People Personality
  • Implementing the “As if…” Factor
  • The Art of Effective Listening

PLUS… Two Special Bonus Classes
  • How to Make a Person Feel Like a Million Bucks
  • Indecision, Doubt, and Fear – The Enemies Within


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How This Works…


People Skills 101  is a Webinar-Based course that’s offered periodically to the general public.  To be notified of the next Start Date, you’ll be asked to enter your Name and E-mail Address on our Course Notification Roster.  There is NO obligation or commitment, as you are only “Signing Up” to be notified.

This e-course will be delivered over eight weeks… plus the two Bonus Classes… for a total duration of ten weeks.  When you actually register, you’ll receive instructions for accessing the exclusive “Members Only Area.”  This is a password-protected website where all our resources will be posted, including periodic Surprise Bonuses!

Each week (on the same evening), we will have a live 90-minute instructional class conveniently delivered directly to your computer via the technology of interactive webinars.  (Where else could you attend class in your ‘jammies, underwear – or less!)  If you have to miss a session, don’t worry.  All classes will be recorded and archived in the Members Area.

If you’re unfamiliar with webinar training, put your mind at ease.  The only equipment you’ll need to participate in these classes is a computer with an Internet connection.  That’s it!  The speakers in most computers will work just fine, although you may choose to enhance the sound quality by plugging external speakers into the “headphone” jack of your computer.

Supplemental Resources pertaining to the current topic will be posted in the Members Area.  These will include various audio and video sources, plus a weekly series of practical exercises which can be downloaded in pdf-file format.


Additional Free Bonus!

In addition to Supplemental Materials and Surprise Bonuses, People Skills 101 Students will also have the opportunity to speak with me via Skype for up to two 20-minute private counsel sessions during this ten week course.  (At my normal rate of $225 per hour… well, you can do the math to calculate the value of just this one membership perk.)


Can you really afford to pass on this offer?


“I always thought Charismatic was a one way projection of a person’s personality.  Roger gave us a different perspective.  He introduced the concept of the engagement of people that creates the bond that makes a person charismatic to others.  Now I will be more aware of people and find common ground so that I can engage them in relation building.  I’ve found a new skill to put in my tool box.”

Tori Smith
Sr. Engineer
Alexandria, VA

“I always learn something tangible that I can apply to my life in a practical way!”

Jada Jones
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Washington, DC


OMG! – So what’s all this gonna cost me??


Well, not as much as you might rightly think!  And, BTW, the better question is “How much for this investment in me?”

For a limited time only, registration for this 10-week course will be a one-time payment of

Only $97

And to help you make this decision, we’ll be offering

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So… let’s review what you’ll receive


  • Eight 90-minute Webinar eClasses
  • Two 90-minute additional Special Bonus eClasses
  • 10 Week Access to Recorded eClasses
  • Weekly Supplemental Materials & Practical Exercises
  • Up to two 20-minute Personal Counsel Sessions via Skype
  • Surprise Bonuses
  • And Much, Much More…
  • Including a 7 day Trial Membership for only $1


No Obligation

Sign Up now to be notified of when our next People Skills 101 Course begins


Imagine the improvement in your personal and professional relationships that will be gained by a guided study of People Skills!

Click the Sign Up Now button and get notified for the next Start Date.  You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose!

To your most deserved success,